Cydia- a great source for great apps

On November 6, 2012, in Uncategorized, by jbpro5

As most of you might know, Cydia is a great source for great apps. It is a third party store, available for all iDevices, which offers us amazing tweaks, apps and extensions. However, it is a little bit complicated to have Cydia. If you want to install Cydia download free on your device, you do not need to search for an alternative package. All you have to do is to start jailbreaking on your device. This is the only way in which users are able to gain full freedom and control over their devices.

As I mentioned, Cydia is a source for great apps to download. Most Cydia apps available on Cydia are Apple apps that were banned or removed from the App Store. In the same time, some developers upload their tweaks for people to download them without paying. This is how Cydia download works. First of all, once you have Cydia on your device, you need to run the application. This will lead you to Cydia Store. There, you will be required to fill in several fields regarding some info about you. Cydia Store works by sharing tweaks and apps from certain sources. By default, Cydia owns several sources. This should be enough for average user, but when you want more, you are free to add many more sources to get many more Cydia apps.

With the help of Cydia download free, users are able to download and install a lot of amazing tweaks, to change themes, icons and appearances. If you decide to start using Cydia, you need to jailbreak first. Fortunately, the jailbreak process is much easier than in the past. In several minutes, you will have freedom over your device and in the same time, Cydia apps will be free to download.


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